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You may not have heard of Neil Gaiman, but he is an acclaimed and prolific author of both novels and graphic novels, and The Sandman is considered by many to be his defining work, and is one of the only graphic novels ever to be listed as a New York Times bestseller. The Sandman is a stunning and vivid dark fantasy work that takes place in dreams and in the waking world, and it covers themes of urban fantasy, the occult, myths and legends, and really deconstructs the superhero genre.

Its blend of captivating narrative and stunning artwork will make it a wonderful read for imaginative boys who love reading and fiction. This piece puzzle is packed with portraits of the great rock musicians and pop icons of all time, with Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobain, the Beatles, Blondie, the Rolling Stones and many more, so this will be a wonderful gift for a young music fan.

This extra large puzzle is made of sturdy blue chipboard on recycled paper. A cool party game that will be a wonderful present for a soon to be a teenage boy, catchphrase is a simple yet really fun game where each player has to try to describe a catch phrase to their team without actually saying it before the time is up, and it can be competitive and quite hilarious. We really like this electronic version as there are no cards or anything like that which can get lost or ripped. Everything is contained in the electronic device, which also has the timer and keeps the score of the game.

Lego is not just for little boys and girls, as this amazing piece model set has been designed for 12 years old and above. This cool building set is great for youths to help them learn some significant buildings while being creative. It is also a very educational gift, as it comes with a collectible booklet containing information about the design, architecture and history of the building.

It will make a great model suitable for display in the home or bedroom and has been developed for youths with an interest in travel, architectural culture, history and design. A great budget gift for a 12 year old boy who loves music, dancing, or one who is creative and colorful, this cool disco light will help him turn his bedroom into an explosion of color. The disco ball light is easy to choose solid colors or multi colored by the handy remote. This will be a great gift for someone who likes having their friends over to party, and will also bee good for atmospheric lighting for video game sessions or band practice.

These books really are classics, and have been capturing the minds and hearts of kids and adults for many generations. This will be an incredible gift for a twelve your old boy who loves reading, fantasy, and is a fan of the movies. Times really have changed since most of us parents were younger. No longer are kids using record players, walkmans or stereo systems to play their music — it all iPods, cell phones and mp3 players these days.

None of these things comes with speakers, so if your son wants to listen to music without headphones, this cool blue tooth speaker is just what he needs.

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Every gamer needs a good gaming headset, so if you are looking to get a present for a boy who loves playing video games, we recommend picking up one of these Bengoo headsets. We like this one because it combines everything that a good headset needs, such as comfortable design, high-quality omnidirectional microphone, easy volume controls and, most importantly, fantastic sound quality thanks to its great headphones. These are specially designed for gaming, as the speakers use advanced sound technology to give the high detailed positional sounds, so they will know exactly where the enemies or other players in the game are.

Also, while some gaming headsets are extortionately expensive, this one is very affordable, yet still high quality. A great gift for a young gamer.

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If your 12 year boy loves building and engineering and is up for a serious challenge, This cool engine building kit might be just what he needs. This kit will let him fully construct a working replica of a car engine with light up spark plugs. It has around parts, and comes with all the tools they will need and also a handy set of instructions. For a budding young mechanic, this will be both educational and challenging, but we are sure that they will really love the whole process, and it can inspire them to get interested in mechanics, engineering and science.

Batteries not included. All teenage boys love hoverboards and this is a perfect introduction to riding hoverboards if they have not rode one yet. The hoverboard is well-made and sturdy but cheap in price. The connective features means he can listen to music while he rides via the bluetooth function and does this through his iPhone or android device.

The style of this board is epic and its light-up design means this is awesome to ride close to dusk. The LED lights are futuristic and helps get their cool points up with peers. Once boys reach 12 years old , drones can make the perfect gift. The AA drone is great for any beginner who has an interest in flying and will keep your kids entertained for a long time.

This drone is extremely easy to fly and has GPS flight mode which will help new pilots keep the drone stable throughout the flight.

And just like the product above, Altair Aerial has thorough on their website if you have any questions. You and your kids can have fun taking photos and videos in p HD while flying around in your backyard, or out in an open area. Does your 12 year old boy have a huge interest in technology? Consider buying him this drone as a gift and watch how his passions and love for technology grows.

This incredibly detailed wooden robotic arm will keep your 12 year old occupied for hours.

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As they build the 3D puzzle hand from over wooden puzzle pieces, your kid will be using key STEM science, technology, engineering and math skills and planning and building their own creation just like a real engineer. Fitting together with no need for glue, the puzzle pieces are made of natural birch ply wood and are child safe and recyclable. The set comes with a precise manual and photos of the various steps, making it easy to follow and quick to assemble the robotic arm.

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Once your child has assembled the arm, they are sure to enjoy playing with it and trying out the various tricks. The hand features fully articulated fingers that can be moved by pulling and pushing the rings connected to the fingers with elastic bands. Your kid will love performing handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, begging gestures, and gripping various objects.

This set is a great introduction to robotics and engineering. For your active kid on the verge of their teenage years, check out this Ripstik Caster Board from Razor. This innovative and unique board acts like a hybrid of a skateboard and a snowboard and is sure to impress! The board moves with degree caster and a deck that pivots with movement, resulting in a carving motion that feels like surfing or snowboarding, but on dry land. The slip resistant concave deck offers increased foot control when riding the board, while the unique design of the rubber padded steel torsion bar allows acceleration without foot pushing.

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The kick nose and tail mean your kid can learn tons of cool tricks as they enjoy riding around town on the RipStik. With 76mm high grade urethane wheels and high performance ABEC-5 bearings, the durable board is built to last. Help your kid to stay active with this cool 3 wheeled bike from Mobo Cruiser.

This recumbent bike allows the rider to recline while cruising around the neighborhood in style.

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It features a cool red frame with fire accents on the wheel trims and a secure black seat. The 3 wheeled bike is close to the ground, which means it feels stable and safe to the rider. Your kid can feel comfortable and confident cruising along the sidewalk, enjoying a low impact cardio workout.

It adjusts easily to accommodate kids as they grow and can support weights up to lbs. The steel frame is durable and built to last. The chassis is chainless, making it easy to maintain. Stunt scooters are quickly growing in popularity, and skate parks are full of kids trying out the latest scooter tricks.

Specifically designed for riding off road, the scooter features mm pneumatic tires and aggressive tread pattern for improved grip. This dirt scooter has many hi tech features including a tubular BMX style steel fork, triple stacked headtube clamp offering rigidity and stability, and lightweight aircraft grade tough aluminum construction. This off road ride also features a classic rear fender brake for easy stopping, soft rubber grips on the handlebars, and a full deck coarse grip tape.

The Pro range of scooters is used by Team Razor to demonstrate awesome tricks and now your kid can try out their own cool off road tricks with style. Your 12 year old is on the cusp of adolescence and their bodies and emotions may be changing faster than they know how to deal with. The author is a real pediatrician so parents can feel confident that the information within the book is reliable and helpful. The text is full of facts, tips, and how- tos covering a wide range of topics such as hair care, shaving, dealing with acne, healthy eating, and voice changes. The information is presented in an easy to read, informal way, and the sweet illustrations and design will help your little guy to engage with this book.

Whether you give this as a gift or read it with your kid to spark conversations, it is sure to become a useful guide as your son grows up. A drone is always a fun-filled gift for a 12 year old kid who loves being outdoors or needs encouragement to play outside more, either way, a drone serves a great purpose and is a gift to be remembered. This really can be hard age group to choose from, as 12 year old youths are not children anymore, but they still have a lot of growing up to do before they are adults and their behavior can be childish at times.

Similarly, their high intelligence and ability to concentrate hard means that simple toys and games will not keep their attention for long; they really need something engaging and challenging, but still not too difficult to get into.