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Ashe headmaster of Rugby School. In he was appointed private secretary to the Marquis of Lansdowne. Later he became inspector for schools, a post he held for 35 years, during which time he strove to improve education in England. In he was elected professor of poetry at Oxford. In his later years Arnold turned more to writing essays on literary, educational and social topics. He is noted especially for his attacks on the contemporary tastes and manners of the Barbarians the aristocracy , the Philistines the commercial middle class , and the Populace.

There is a bust of him in Poets Corner, Westminster Abbey. He served as principal of the government college in Poona, Bombay, and returned to England in to join the staff of the Daily Telegraph. On the death of Thornton Leigh Hunt in , Arnold was appointed editor of the newspaper. He won fame for his blank-verse epic The Light of Asia , dealing with the life of Buddha. The poem was attacked for its alleged distortion of Buddhist doctrine and for its tolerant attitude toward a non-Christian religion.

Besides other volumes of poetry, he wrote a number of picturesque travel books and translated The Bhagavad Gita and the Kama Sutra. Returning to Dublin, he was appointed secretary to the Diocesan and Endowed Schools Commission, but, getting into debt, resigned his office and retired to Switzerland. He then spent several years in foreign travel, living according to his Memoirs and Confessions 3 vols. Between and his death, he published along with Memoirs several travel books and novels. As a poet he does not rank high; however, his poems do show a descriptive tenderness.

100 Favorite English and Irish Poems

Thomas Arnold, famous as. He married his wife, Cynthia, also a writer, in The Hairy Dog, although written about a shaggy dog, can also be viewed as an analogy to humans. The dogs ears and eyes are buried beneath layers of hair and seldom are seen, yet there is beauty if only we could look beneath the surface. Sources: Oldpoetry www.

ASKEW, ANNE Forced by her father to marry at the age of fifteen, Askew rebelled, refused to take her husbands name, left the marital home and moved to London, where she gave sermons and distributed Protestant books. Because such books had been banned she was arrested and imprisoned in the Tower of London, where she was tortured in an attempt to force her to name other Protestants.

Not even the promise of a kings pardon could induce Askew to name names. Found guilty of being a Protestant, she was condemned to be burned at the stake for preaching against the doctrine of transubstantiation. A full account of her life and death can be found in Book of Martyrs by John Foxe While in Newgate prison, Askew wrote a 56 line ballad that reflects the words of Stephen the Martyr in Acts Another ballad attributed to her is MartyrdomI Am a Woman Poor and Blind, in which she rejoices that her spirit will rise from the ashes at the Resurrection of the Dead.

She advocated female education and vehemently condemned the inequalities of marriage. This brought her into conflict with the Divine Right of Kings and the views of the Church of England. Her major works are: A Serious Proposal to the Ladies which ran to four editions by and proposed that education for women would make a greater contribution to the upbringing of children and, therefore, to the nation , Reflections on Marriage, see entry for Chudleigh, Lady Mary.

Occasional Communion, In Emulation of Mr. Cowleys Poem Calld the Motto characterizes her religious beliefs she does not wish to be rich or great, or to be admired, but to be true.

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She cannot be a Peter or a Paul and although her sex denies her what men may achieve, she can obey her Lord. She ends her poem by saying that although she may not suffer the martyrs fire, at least she can martyr her desires. He found time and means to educate himself, and at the age of twentyfive, he published his verses in local newspapers and then as volumes, financed by subscriptions.

He is buried in Wellingborough cemetery. His publications are: Sonnets on the Months and Other Poems, Judith and Other Poems, and a Centenary of Sonnets, Poems and Sonnets, Sketches in Prose and Verse, Askhams poem Work While it is Day vividly demonstrates his philosophy of working while it is day when he is strong and his blood is young, and the hours are too precious to waste possibly reflecting the phrase from John the night cometh when no man can work.

Born in Nottingham to a working family, the thirteenth of fifteen children, he was educated at Fulneck Moravian School in Yorkshire.

He taught music at a Franciscan school in Taunton and later moved from Bath to London, where he dealt in and collected paintings, running. In addition to poems he wrote several plays. His published poems: The Last Days of Herculaneum, Abradates and Panthea, Midsummer Days Dream, The Fall of Nineveh, thirty books.

The Handwriting on the Wall, Israel in Eg ypt, a poem of nearly twenty thousand lines. Austin Steventon near Basingstoke. She eventually settled in to a cottage at Chawton now a museum about a mile from Alton, Hampshire, until , when due to ill health she moved to Winchester, where she died. Her novels portray life with humor and gentle irony. Her poems are varied in subject and her humor is evident. Part of her final poem, Written at Winchester on Tuesday the 15th July , written 3 days before she died, seems to be an analogy of her departure.

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He returned to England in , when he was elected professor of poetry at Oxford University. After graduating from Christ Church, Oxford, in , and a year in Berlin, he became a schoolteacher noted for his caring and wisdom. His poem Spain was influenced by his experiences of driving an ambulance in Spain for the Republican side.

Ezra Pound

Audens work ranges from rigorous traditional to original yet intricate, as well as the technical forms. He was also partly responsible for reintroducing Anglo-Saxon accentual meter fixed number of stresses per line or stanza regardless of the number of syllables that are present to English poetry. He abandoned law for literature, though his first efforts at prose and poetry were not very successful. He was journalist and special correspondent abroad, and from to , editor of the National Review, the first four years jointly with William John Courthope.

He maintained that for a poem to be great it had to an epic or dramatic romance on a theme combining love, patriotism, and religion. Between and he published twenty volumes of verse; his poems are a mixture of good and bad.


He seems never to have come out from under the shadow of Scott and Byron. Loves Blindness, The Haymakers Song. Great Books Online www. In the television talent show Opportunity Knocks gave her publicity. She has published several books of poems, toured in a one-woman stage show, hosted her own TV show and performed her stage show for Her Majesty, the Queen. She was identified as the fifth best-selling poet in Britain during and and was awarded the Member of the British Empire for services to literature and entertainment in Her poems are mostly concerned with the details of everyday life.

Sources: Make em Laugh www. Sir Robert Ayton see above was one of his ancestors. Educated at Edinburgh University and in Germany, in he was called to the Scottish bar. In he joined the staff of Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine, to which he contributed political, humorous and satirical items. He was a highly popular professor of rhetoric and belles lettres at Edinburgh University, where he wrote fiction and political essays and translated Goethe.

A prolific poet, his main publications are: Poland, Homer, and Other Poems, Lays of the Cavaliers, Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers, Bothwell, a poetical monologue in six parts, dealing with the relations between the hero and Mary Queen of Scots. Poem hunter www. Ayton was one of the earliest Scottish poets to use standard English as opposed to the Scottish vernacular, although he did write in Latin, Greek, and French.

The Great Irish Famine in Songs

He graduated from the University of St. Andrews in and studied civil law at the University of Paris. Ayton was never reckoned to be a great poet; however, many of his poems are refined, tender and romantic, often with a hint of unrequited love. His public life came to an end in when he was charged with taking bribes as judge and spent a few days in the Tower of London.

Some of his publications are: The Proficience and Advancement of Learning, Novum Organum, an English translation can be found at www. History of Henry the Seventh, The New Atlantis, describing a Utopian community. Sylva Sylvarum, a miscellaneous collection of observations and experiments in natural history. Translation of Certain Psalms into English Verse, His Essays are reckoned to be the most original of all his works.

Poems of Sir Frances Bacon www. Emrys Jones, ed. Baillie The Mystic, and Other Poems, The Universal Hymn, Festus Birthday Book, Beauties of Festus, Sources: Poems That Touch the Heart.

Alexander, ed. Doubleday, Christopher Ricks, ed. Nicholson and A. Lee, eds. His main occupation was as a silk-hosier at Nottingham. From to he served on the town council, then from he was proprietor and editor of the Nottingham Mercury, one of the chief papers of the town. This venture folded in because of his liberal views on the Ecclesiastical Titles Bill which barred Catholics from holding ecclesiastical titles, and the land that went with them.

He died at his mansion in the village of Basford, near Nottingham, where he had lived for many years, engaged in literary pursuits and in the formation of a choice collection of books and engravings. Some of his poetry publications: What is Life? The Carnival of Death, Ireton, Recreations in Retirement, The Advent of Charity and Other Poems, Handbook to Nottingham Castle, Handbook to Newstead Abbey, Records of Longevity, She concealed her covenanting father, Sir Patrick Hume , in the church vaults in the border town of Polwarth Scott-Moncrieff, Edinburgh, gives a remarkable insight into household management in the 18th century.

Early Modern Women Poets Jane Stevenson and Peter Davidson, ed. Philip James, the son, He attended Glasgow University but left without graduating, and in moved to London and was called to the bar in At a young age he learned Byrons Childe Harold by heart. In he returned to Basford to work on his own translation of Goethes Faust, published in It was an immediate success and was praised by many poets, including Tennyson. The influence of Byron is apparent in its 22 scenes and lines. It passed through several editions, both in England and America, where thirty unauthorized editions appeared before By the final version reached nearly 40, lines, with an introduction and 52 scenes.

He died after an attack of influenza and was buried in Nottingham Cemetery. Of her many publications, the early ones are:. Baker Fugitive Verses, anonymously, with a second edition in Plays on the Passions, containing Basil, a tragedy on love; the Trial, a comedy on the same subject; and De Monfort, a tragedy on hatred. Collection of Poems, She wrote 27 dramatic plays, poems, songs and several hymns. Robert Baillie, a covenanter, was hanged in The Outlaws Song portrays the feelings of a man outlawed from home and hearth and family with no place of his own, when the very birds of the air have a place to rest.