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Josh Turner is at a crossroads in his life. But then he finds a most interesting online forum And so begins a journey, a once in a lifetime trip that will open his eyes, and maybe also open his heart. Previously published in 2 parts as Mombasa Madness. Words: 36, Six naughty stories based on mythology, science fiction, fairy tales and the world of fantasy, all with an erotic twist.

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Volume 4 - Please Note: These stories have all been previously published individually. Words: 35, Six naughty stories based on mythology, fairy tales, science fiction and the world of fantasy Volume 3 in the series - Please Note: All of these stories have been previously published, either individually or in other box sets. Words: 28, Volume 2 - Please Note: All of these stories have been previously published, either individually or in other box sets.

Words: 24, Six naughty stories based on mythology, fairy tales and the world of fantasy, all with an erotic twist.

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Volume 1 - Please Note: These stories have been published individually. Words: 3, Everyone wonders exactly why busty brunette Sarah has taken a job that she is grossly over qualified for, the marine biologist has accepted to manage a petting zoo. But they don't know that Sarah has an agenda and that she is just killing time, managing the goats and bunnies gives her access to the entire zoo Bimbo Clara is home alone in the castle she shares with her older husband.

She isn't really a bad girl, she just finds temptation difficult to resist, she also has a few taboo dreams tucked safely away, dreams that would probably never become a reality Words: 34, Kelly's Taboos 9 - Get this compilation of 6 taboo bestiality short stories together in one volume.

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Grab this box set and SAVE!. All stories have been previously published. Slutty teen Sadie has had one hell of a night! Following a drunken gang bang she finds herself naked, penniless and abandoned on the wrong side of town. She has to get home without being acosted by perverts, but she's unaware that the real danger doesn't lie with those shady men who lurk in the shadows, her nemesis is waiting in the park, a huge mongrel who won't take no for an answer!

Determined to explore her new and very kinky fetish Helen places an anonymous advert online.. She never really expects any response, so she is shocked to hear from ebony babe Saffron, they share the same kinks, or so she believes, that is until they meet and the submissive black girl opens her eyes, and introduces Helen to her true self! Words: 4, Thai teen Tamsin has woken from a crazy dream straight into a living nightmare. She knows she must be hallucinating because alien abduction can't actually happen, because aliens aren't real.

Words: 21, Get 5 more tales of non consensual taboo in this bargain edition. Stories of men who struggle to control their base urges Featuring: Amber's Innocence by Kelly Addams.

Words: 45, Teen Cassidy can't sleep in her holiday hotel room, it's too hot, but she is wary of going out, she knows how she reacts when she has a couple of drinks. Eventually she decides that who cares if she goes a little crazy, no-one knows her there so the shame will be minimal Words: , Words: 53, A collection of naughty cuckold and adultery tales, from ebony wife Penelope who cuckolds her hubby at every opportunity to a pregnant wife who finds her craving is for illicit sex.

Fashion model Gail has always harboured a secret fantasy. Dressed in a kinky fetish outfit for a photo shoot one of her detractors stated that she looked like a hooker, an insult that affected her deeply, but not in a negative way. Now Gail is being photographed on the street wearing skin tight rubber, she looks and feels like a prostitute, so maybe she'll get propositioned How will she react?

Everyone has a past.. But what happens when you hide that past from your husband? What happens when your sins are revealed by an assassin? Ashanti's Temptation, a story of interracial love, lust, fetish and kink, one woman's journey of sexual discovery. One man's awakening. An adaptation of the erotic thriller Peninah's Passion.

Nineteen year old Ellie is obsessed with animal sex, she loves to watch them getting down and dirty. Most of all she loves horses, so much so that she gets herself a job as a stable hand, but it isn't until a chestnut pony stallion arrives at the stables that she fully understands just how deeply her kinky fetish runs.

Words: 62, Words: 18, Cindy had no idea that a quiet pub lunch and a drive in the country with her boyfriend Tim would turn into an afternoon of sinful degradation, but soon she begins to understand just how kinky she really is, as she gives herself to rough and dirty men she had never dreamed she would ever allow to touch her, as kinky Tim stands by and watches the naughty action unfold.

Words: 22, Words: 11, Archaeologist Jenny has joined an expedition into the Likouala swamps of the Congo, for hundreds of years rumours of living dinosaurs have emerged and she wants to believe that there may be some truth in what the local tribes say. She dreams that dinosaurs still live in the deep jungle, the problem is Words: 27, A collection of 7 sinful erotic short stories about wild wives and their horny husbands Girls are needed for a new film, and she knows she'll get the job even before she applies.

She's right, she is offered a part, but Adele soon learns how important it is to always read the small print on the contract Please Note:. Julie was always a tease, but for two years of marriage she's been a very good girl, that is until Chris her husband's friend starts showing an interest. Her husband trusts her, the question is Cuckold Erotica. She's right, she is offered a part, but Adele soon learns how important it is to always read the small print on the contract.

The proclaimed King Of Porn, Greg Carter has everything in life he could ever want, except for the thing he desires most But he knows he will never find true love from the shallow gold-diggers who haunt his footsteps, so Greg sets off around the world avoiding the places where he will be recognised, he hopes to find a special girl, but she might just come from a place he never imagined! Ebony Girlz! In this exotic erotic collection you will find wives that love to cuckold their white husbands, ebony mistresses, hookers, good girls and very naughty girls, interracial lesbian action, hardcore bdsm, African paranormal erotica Click on More for the title list.

All of these stories have been published previously.

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Sexy blonde teen Helen has gone fishing with her boyfriend, but the energetic girl soon understands that hours of silence and concentration don't suit her. She gets bored easily and ends up wandering along the river bank enjoying the summer sunshine. Taken suddenly with an urge to pee she squats behind some bushes Nursing mum Sophie has found herself all alone and struggling, her husband is in Brazil and she has zero money, she has to find a solution urgently if she doesn't want her baby to suffer. But who can she borrow from? Just enough to keep her afloat until hubby can send some cash.

She knows one guy, but will his repayment terms be impossible for her to handle? A story of kinky temptation. Leona had always felt an affinity for Africa despite never having been there, even her name meant Lioness. But everything became clear to her when she met a fortune teller who revealed that she had lived in South Africa in a past life, but when pressed for more details the old woman became quiet, saying only that what she had seen was "shameful" Soon Leona will discover how kinky she really was!

That is until she remembers her creepy Step-Uncle, a man who has always made her feel uncomfortable. The Groped trilogy in a single edition. Follow the kinky adventures of Crystal as she explores her unusual outlook on sexuality. Included in this edition: Groped - The Beginning.

Groped 2 - The Club. And Groped 3 - Surfing. What happens when a momentary lapse leads to taboo? Trevor didn't expect to have an audience when he forgot to lock the bathroom door, but as he showers his massive cock is being admired by the one girl who knows she can handle the size, the problem is, that girl is Beverley The Groped series concludes as kinky Crystal, and her new, and very slutty friend Justine explore the seedier areas of town seeking ever more extreme sexual thrills Words: 2, Eccentric ebony beauty Kimberley wants a baby Her best friend, lesbian Helen wants Kimberley Kinky Crystal returns in the second part of her decidedly crazy and perverted adventure.

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Getting groped on the train has opened a whole new world to her, one that begs to be explored, and where better than a crowded club. Part 2 of 3. Totally taboo, reader discretion is advised. Please Note: All stories have been previously published! Erotic stories that skirt the very edge of taboo, from a girl who loves to pee in her panties, a naughty girl who goes back to school to get the caning she deserves, an alien abduction, sharking in Tokyo, a kinky hucow with a pain fetish, and much more!

Please Note. All stories have been previously published individually.

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Crystal always avoids the rush hour crush, she doesn't like being crammed into a train carriage like a sardine in a can. But fate has a plan for young Crystal, as a small accident leads her into a life of crazy abandon and perversion Part 1 of a new series. Words: 12, Following her narrow escape from the Grim, Selyna continues her journey north and crosses the great river. On the northern side she falls into the company of Mara mercenary Accalia, the she-wolf, and resumes her northward trek with a convoy of dwarves that Accalia and her sisterhood are protecting Part 3.

Sonia wakes to find herself tied and helpless, a blindfold has been put over her eyes and she's been gagged with her own panties. A terrifying experience you would imagine, yet she feels strangely calm and safe Will she panic, or is this something she has secretly been craving? But Tuliza has a dark secret, she is also known as Hyena Girl Note: This is the alternative ending version of Tuliza's Secret!

Comprising five stories from Kelly Addams, and five from Anna Mann. Single mother Anna is on a surprise holiday with her whole family at an obscure beach resort on Mozambique's Indian Ocean coast, and everything seems normal until she wakes with what she thinks is food poisoning, but her diagnosis couldn't be further from the truth, and she is about to get a massive shock when the resorts true owners are revealed.

Words: 1, A kinky foot fetish flash fiction which features 23 year old Tracy who is on a long haul flight down to South Africa, and about to discover that older women can be real fun! Roger DeHavilland is a successful farmer, but he doesn't keep normal livestock like cattle or poultry Roger keeps a herd of prime Hucows. Now meet Dawn Travis, a sexy 20 year old who often doubts if she is normal, because Dawn has some serious fetishes.

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Words: 25, Six kinky tales of girls who crave a little extra taboo.