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Like a wave, stones begin to waltz to create a grand opening, a supernatural cave. Seven beautiful manuscripts introduce the cast of fictional characters presented through sophisticated lighting, mapped media and original sound tracks. Foresta Lumina invites you in a variety of theatrical effects that create a moody but magical setting. Visitors enter an imaginary heritage of the region and capture the mythology of the Quebec forest.

ghost lights – The Forest Dark

Basically 2 km of pure happiness and magic. In addition to living this imaginary world experience, you will also have the chance to cross the longest suspended footbridge in North America! A complete magical experience. I was absolutely not disappointed. Like thousands of fireflies, the lights illuminated this mysterious and captivating natural trail. Near the water it was simply a magical moment.

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It is magic! In addition to sound and lighting effects, this natural site provides a fantastic woody smell providing another great pleasure. Search for:. Our multimedia night time experience has improved every year. Come discover the magic!

Relaxing Sound of Rain Forest Puddles 2 Hours / Light Rain and Rain Drops Falling From Trees

Margaret lived near the forest of Coaticook decades ago and was blessed with an uncommon gift; she could see what others could not. The soul of this woman still breathes in these woods. Discover the magical creatures. Thousands of bright spots left by so many wishes granted by the fairies invaded the banks. Experience the magic of Foresta Lumina. Learn more.

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Comments from visitors. A walk offering a dual of magic and technology. Great for a nightlight. Can dim the light. Beatific lamp for any lodge or outdoorsman! Beautiful lamp.

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Very pleased. Just enough of a rustic look, well made and great packing.

I bought this for my office, it added such a nice touch! I love hollistic approaches to manage stress and depression, these rocks are said to do just that! Love this lamp The first one that came in the mail did not work.

Summer theater: Fireflies that synchronise light up two US forests

It had tender little translucent mushrooms and little green sprouts. I contacted the seller and they sent a new one right away. It was SO worth the wait, this thing has independently-bending musrooms and leaves, so you can posture them how you wish. The mushrooms have a l ight in each one that changes color.

Not too bright, just right.

Glow-in-the-dark forests

A joy every time you enter the room. Only 6 left in stock - order soon.

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This is really nice looking. I didn't realize during the day that it is completely white and then as it gets dark the black accents appear. It's a low light but works well for navigating the house at night in the dark. I liked it so much I bought a second one! There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.