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Thanks, English. Both of these things are very strange facts. Fluff-tail, broom-tail, basically the same idea? The genus name also provides the family name, Sarothruridae. A broom. Once upon a time I studied Australian ethnobiology , which means that I know lots and lots of names for Australian plants and animals especially from Arnhem Land.

What to Name Your Bird? (Top 10 FAVORITE Names!)

Christmas Boobook. Photo by Ian Montgomery. Non-rhotic dialects ftw. Christmas Island is an Australian territory southwest of Java, Indonesia. This is apparently a picture from Christmas Island. Photo source: ABC. The genus name Ninox is a portmanteau, which is super cool. Specifically, Ninox comes from Nisus , which refers to the sparrowhawk in the myth of Nisus and Euryalus, Nisus gets turned into a hawk, maybe? But wait, you say. I know my Greek and Roman myths, you say.

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Photo by Wikipedia user Prosthetic Head. Guess what? Screech-owls were said to drain the blood of infants. Delightful, huh? Not a screech-owl.

Last autumn, I had a research assistant who was really, really French, who would get fairly animated whenever the subject of Napoleon came up. An image of Napoleon looking very French, or something. He lived there after he got exiled from France. The species name, philadelphia , comes from the US city, Philadelphia.

Philly was founded by Quakers, what can I say. This is a Philly cheesesteak. If you eat meat, it is delicious. Go figure. The males are a bright, iridescent green, with tails about twice the length of their body. The females, however, look like pretty typical trogons — dull front, green back, black-and-white striped tail. Ohai sexual selection.

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Resplendent Quetzal image by Supreet Sahoo, via Wikipedia. I must confess to being originally perplexed by the genus name, Pharomachrus. It comes from the island of the same name, off the coast of Alexandria, upon which there was…a lighthouse. This is Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange. He is not a lighthouse.

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Meaning digits 1 and 2 point backward and digits 3 and 4 point forward. Most birds are anisodactyl, meaning that digit 1 is backwards and the rest forwards. You can gnaw on trees to build yourself a nest…or you can gnaw on cookies. Om nom cookies. Anyway, this is relevant because I have a new favorite German word: der Zilpzalp.

Das ist ein Zilpzalp von Wikipedia. Andreas Trepte ist der Fotograf.

Domestic cats kill an estimated 55 million birds each year in the UK and between 1 billion and 4 billion each year in the US. Almost like pettichaps? Image source: Wikipedia. Botanists will recognize this word: chlorophyll. Delicious, delicious filo dough. Outside the scope of a paper.

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They're most closely related to several dozen species of bunting, and they live in dry, open country with some nearby trees. Farmland, with hedges and tree rows dividing open fields, has proved a perfect habitat for the bird. Previously widespread across Britain, yellowhammers are now on the "red list" of birds who are now a "conservation concern".

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Don't try to read a Brexit metaphor into that, however: it's also on the decline in other parts of western Europe. Intensification of agriculture - meaning fewer weeds - or fields left in stubble, has caused trouble for the birds, whose decline has been rapid since the s. Despite Blyton's bread-and-no-cheese claim for the yellowhammer, it prefers to snack on seeds, including grasses, nettles and docks.

They tend to lay between three and five eggs, and they breed monogamously - sticking with the one partner from the point they begin breeding, at one year old, to death, at three. It's yellow, it's loud and it was once very common in Britain, so it's perhaps no surprised that the yellowhammer has attracted the attention of poets and authors on occasion. In addition to Blyton, who included the bird in her books, there have been literary contributions from Scottish national poet Robbie Burns and English poet John Clare, as well as musical inspiration for Beethoven and Messiaen.

It's even been suggested that Beethoven got the idea for his famous Fifth Symphony from the yellowhammer's song - although scholars now believe another work, the 4th Piano Concerto, is closer to the mark in terms of melody and rhythm. It's the codename for planning around no-deal Brexit. It's in the news lately because reports leaked revealing possible disruption to food and medicine supplies. Then, a so-called "humble address" followed in the House of Commons, forcing the Government to release the original document.

Blackcap, redstart, yellowhammer: what’s in a bird’s name?

Was it really the original? If so, why doesn't it say base case? If that question means anything to you - find out more here.

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