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The complexity of pattern and bright colors typical of Toyokuni III's style evolved under the strong influence of the later works of Toyokuni I , his teacher whose name he adopted in Toyokuni I, active during the height of the Edo Period , explored stylized figural forms by employing the hard outlines of the ink brush as well as a dramatic manipulation of a restricted pallette of subtle colors. It was not uncommon for a student to repeat subjects already worked by a master, and the Twelve Months at Home on display here is undoubtedly under the influence of an earlier Twelve Months by Toyokuni I.

Abandoning his teacher's academic concerns, Toyokuni III in his prints began to experiment with stern influences by integrating realistic elements with the artificial conventions of the ukiyo-e medium.

Though popular in his own time, Toyokuni III until recently was criticized by scholars for bowing to commercial pressures, and his use of dense patterning and highly keyed contrasting colors have been dismissed as a product of supply and demand. However, these prints reveal that his powers of invention rarely flagged under the self-imposed constraints of complex compositions, and the intricately balanced relationship of elaborate kimono patterns seen in the scenes depicting the fifth and sixth months demonstate his ability to solve the problems of this format.

The changing role of the courtesan seen here reflects the broader social trends in operation as the Edo period came to a close. November Nov. December Dec. Activities to learn the months of the year. Activities to learn the days of the week. Activities to learn the seasons of the year. Activities to practice the hours. Activities to learn about the planets. Seasons Song. Itsy Bitsy Snowman Song. Rain, Rain, Go Away Song.

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Three Little Kittens - Nursery Rhyme. Miss Mary Mack - Nursery Rhyme. Months of the Year Song. Itsy Bitsy Spider Song. Days of the Week Song. Birthday Party Printable Activities. Numbers printable activities. Camping Coloring Pages. Nature Coloring Pages. Join our community of millions of families. Thanks for subscribing! Learn English with our topics Alphabet. Seasons of the year. Days of the week. Family members. Face parts.

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Body Parts. Feelings and emotions. Parts of a building. Cooking verbs. Giving directions.

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The weather. Places in Town. At the doctor's. Toys names. School vocabulary.

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Musical instruments. Modes of Transport.

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Wh- Questions. Flags of the World. Action Verbs. Tools Names.

List of Sports. What's the time? Verb To Be. Verb To Have. Personal Hygiene. Verb To Do. Planet Names.

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Verb Can. Verb Like. Modal Verbs. Comparatives and Superlatives.